Costs of landscaping?

Costs of landscaping?
2nd February 2016 Peter Downes

Planning your garden project will involve a lot of decision making and thinking about the final layout, choice of materials and importantly the cost!

Quick garden ‘make over’ programmes in the past seem to have, giving an inaccurate impression of the true cost and time involved in building your dream garden.

Its fair to say as the consumer you will be looking for the best service and the lowest price but, if you are looking for a deal based on price alone without taking into consideration the skill or experience of your landscape contractor, you could be on slippery slope to no where as quality is sacrificed.

No two landscaping projects are the same so it is important to get it right the first time, one for your garden and two for your pocket.

When going to look at prospective projects most landscapers will ask you to define your budget before presenting you with a design or commencing the build of your garden, this is not a trick question to milk you dry. It is because your budget will influence the choice of materials, levels and layout of the garden.

It pays to do your homework as you will probably be entering a transaction that will, more than likely to be in the hundreds if not  the thousands. Work in a garden can all ways be undertaken in stages if it is not financially possible to do in one go, replacing an old feature or patio with up to date materials can make a big difference.

The cost of your garden is not based on materials alone, also to consider is labour, waste removal and general items such as aggregates. Then of course the cost of planting to finish your garden off!