Our systems


The foundations are an essential part of any build and if inadequate can lead to serious problems down the line. Subsequently we carry out all of the ground works ourselves. We use a concrete piling system to ensure our buildings have a solid base before building commences. The depth of the hole depends on the soil conditions, however our knowledgeable team will carry out soil tests at the site survey stage.

Base and walls

We offer a galvanised steel frame system or a timber frame option. Our preferred option is the galvanised steel frame option which is lightweight, durable and comes with a 20 year manufacturers guarantee! Our timber frame option uses only construction grade timber and can be a more cost effective solution.


Like our walling system our roof system is made up of a number of layers giving it superior insulation values and weatherproofing properties. We use only construction grade timber for the roof framework to ensure the roof remains strong and stable for many years. We then ensure the roof is fully insulated using Celotex or Kingspan products. The exterior finish to the roof is an EPDM (Ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber roof. This system ensure a water tight roof which is extremely durable and lightweight.

Doors and windows

All of our buildings have been designed to provide the best space and comfort possible. Depending on the building you choose you will be offered a choice of doors and windows to suite your building.
As standard all of our buildings include french or sliding doors in either timber, UPVC or aluminium. All of our doors come with handles and insurance standard locks. As standard we include fixed frames and top hung windows in your garden room. All of our windows are timber, UPVC or aluminium as standard. All of our windows include handles and insurance standard locks.


The exterior cladding plays a vital role in the protection of the building while also having an impact on the overall appearance of the building. We provide a range of exterior finishes in either timber, stone or render. Where the side of a building faces onto a neighbours residence or the wall of your house, a fire retardant material may need to be used. Full details of this will be provided in your quotation.


As standard, we provide a range of laminate or solid wood flooring systems to suit your style. To improve acoustics and thermal qualities a layer of underlay is fitted between the sub-floor and underside of the finished product. All of our floors are durable, stylish and easy to clean.


Decking provides a professional finish to your surrounding garden room. It enables your garden room to blend in nicely with its surrounding environment and can be used for BBQs or patio furniture. We offer a choice of hardwood, composite or pressure treated softwood decking, each with their own distinct advantage.


All of our garden rooms come with a generous electrical package to ensure it is functional for its desired use. All of our rooms come with an independent consumer unit (Fuseboard) with a built in RCD. In addition all light switches and sockets are flush mounted and come as standard in white, however these can be upgraded.  We use chrome finish recessed LED down lights as standard. For a clean and quality internal finish all cabling is run within the structure so there will be no surface mounted cables or trunking. The mains connection is not included within our packages however this can be included for an additional cost.